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Agrifac Condor met M.H. suction arm!

V.O.F. H. a C. Forest today their new Agrifac Condor commissioned!

This very complete machine is i.a.. from comfortable with Heavy chassis Driveline, 5000 Liter tank content, 45 Meter J-Boom met 32 Pneumatic sections and Pro Active Balance Plus!

The GPS correction Slip, the HighTechAirPlus system and AddFlow pump will not drop pesticide lost!

In addition, their Outcast Slakkenkorrelstrooier V2 is built up to the full working width of 45 Meter.

But m.h. Suction arm with centrifugal pump under the suction hose with a capacity of 1200 L / Min make the machine really complete and fully equipped!

We wish the guys Forest job satisfaction for many years with this capacity machine!

3e Hyundai heftruck voor Kwekerij Aris

Vandaag heeft Kwekerij Aris uit Aalsmeer de 3e Hyundai heftruck in gebruik genomen.

Na te zijn begonnen met de 7-serie, zijn er inmiddels nog 2 stuks van de 9-serie bijgekomen.

Wij wensen de medewerkers van de kas in de Kwakel veel plezier met deze fijne heftruck!

M.H. Multiplanter in business!

Another took a few weeks ago Loonbedrijf Hoogland this m.h. Multiplanter used for planting zantadeschia's. The machine is provided with a overschietset with a slidable base tape. The freesasje creates a beautifully finished seedbed.

Thank Loonbedrijf Highland for the confidence and wish them to enjoy working with this capacity machine.


McHale Pro Glide F3100 and R3100 disc mowers with a conditioner, Both machines have a working width of 3 meter.

McHale Fusion 3 plus round baler wrapper combination. This machine has a 4 wielieg as, for minimal ground pressure.
Equipped with film bonding (also with nets possible bond), dry dust measurement and weighing system.

McHale 998 HIGH SPEED balenwikkelaar. The new capacity machine for contractors.

Also available with demo tractor, McCormick X7.460.

Curious about the capabilities of these machines???

Mike Verbeek, Representative agricultural machinery and tractors.
Phone: 06-521 59 232
Mail: mikeverbeek@mechanisatiehaarlemmermeer.nl

2Hyundai E Den Daas Terracotta

on and 2017 already bought a diesel truck Hyundai, Den Daas Terracotta has now purchased an electric version.

This has become the 18BT-9 with a 4.70 meter mast and fork positioner.

The many different product sizes questions here is to frequent adjustment of the fork width and thanks to the fork positioner abandon past.

The convenient automatic fork horizontal adjustment makes it easy to ensure that the spoons, at height, safely in the pallets can be inserted.

Inside or outside, Den Daas Terracotta move the products with Hyundai!

New Hyundai forklift Schouten Sorting Equipment B.V.. tea Fight

Kampen Schouten Sorting Equipment B.V.. Replacing the old truck for a new Hyundai 18BT-9

This electric three-wheel lift truck is provided with a fork positioner of Cascade, which in a triplicates 4.70 meter mast is mounted.

We wish the employees many safe and pleasant hours with this beautiful truck!!!

Ready for delivery!

New McCormick X 2.30 ready for delivery. On a satisfied user!

Lemken Solitair 300/24 coulter bar for Fa. Gebr. the Great

Another time ago, but no less beautiful. A new Lemken Solitair 300/24 coulter bar for Fa Loonbedrijf. Gebr. de Groot from Hillegom. A coulter sowing element in parallelogram with depth / pressure wheel, for exact seeding under almost all circumstances! All together a nice combination for De Groot. Thanks and good luck.

Lemken EurOpal 5 reversible plow delivered

Meanwhile the first hectares are reversed tidy. P.Th. Warmerdam from Noordwijk new Lemken EurOpal 5, 3 schaarploeg taken delivery. We thank Dick for the order and wish him many minutes of fun with this top of Lemken!

New stacker Maxima Floor and Window Total

In Haarlem Maxima Floor and Window Total B.V.. last week opened a Hyundai 15ESR stacker.
This stacker reaches up to a height of 5600 mm. by means of a 3-fold extendable mast and will pallets and material to a weight of 1500 kg. can move.

We wish the employees of Maxima many fine and safe work with this beautiful new Hyundai!

New Multi Maschio flail mower for Gebr. van der Geest

Gebr. van der Geest B.V.. from Hillegom is the proud owner of a new mulcher. De Maschio Giraffa SE 165 is a multifunctional “allesvreter”. This machine is next to a wide-angle power take-off, performed with hammers and interchangeable inner plates. We thank Herman and William for the job and wish them enjoy working with this beautiful machine!

New Maschio power harrow for Fabian de Groot

Agricultural Services F. de Groot is the proud owner of a new Maschio DC 3000 harrow. The machine is equipped with a hydraulic lift stand for mounting of its seeder. This is already the 3rd Fabian Maschio machine ! We wish him much job satisfaction.