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Bulbs out, ditches tidy!

New in stock: Male Giraffe SE 185 Multi-mulcher. Equipped with hammers, (gras, reed, slootvuil e.d.) Removable inner plate with counter knife, sterol large deep and wide angle. For Mulching of ditches, dikes, watercourses, green manure, garden one gewasresten.

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Loonbedrijf Fa. Gebr. de Groot in action!

Already a few weeks in business. Loonbedrijf Fa. Gebr. de Groot has invested in harvesting- and inschuurmateriaal.

First, there is once again made for a new m.h. Drawn Lifter with zwenktransporteur. Further carried out with conditioner, leveling leveling, extra fast operation, air brakes and RDW inspection. has been chosen for the disposal of the bulbs for a new Joskin TransCap tandem axle tipper. This quality product fits perfectly with the wishes of Gebr. the Great. Equipped with i.a.. a vulkleed and large tires for minimal pruduct- and structural damage, and a low-drawbar power. After transporting the balls go through the Grimme reception bunker with m.h. present band and seedlings separation to the box filler machine Grimme. This gave a fast and product-friendly filling of the boxes. All in all a wonderfull harvest combined together.

We thank Tilly, Ruth and Henk for this beautiful mission and wish them much job satisfaction!

Again a McHale bale wrapper

Gebr. Van der Poel has once again selected for a bale wrapper McHale.
This 998 High Speed ​​version has more capacity than the standard.

We wish them much fun wrapping!

New McCormick X7.660 for Efficient Agricultural Loonbedrijf van der Kraan V.O.F.

delivered this week; a new McCormick tractor at X7.660 Efficient Agricultural Loonbedrijf van der Kraan V.O.F. Nootdorp.

The tractor is equipped with a P6-Drive transmission (6-traps powershift met 5 robotised gears and creep (54V/27A)), Front axle suspension, suspended cab and front linkage with PTO. The Efficient implementation is very easy to operate, but still has a great comfort.

We thank the Van der Kraan family for the trust placed in us and wish them enjoy working with their new acquisition.

New equipment for W.T.M. de Boer B.V.

Recently we have W.T.M. de Boer B.V. Hillegom a Grimme RH 16-40 reception bunker and m.h. KU 1200 delivered stationary crushing unit.

The reception bunker provides a fast and friendly way product for sand- and planting separation. The sand passes through the crushing unit, to restore without suitable storage to reduce the plot. The planting is done through the steps sieve, and cleaned it neatly in boxes. Despite its small’ format reception bunker also suitable for processing bulbs from dump trucks.

We thank Martin and wish him many happy capacity.

M.H. holmachine for C. J. Ruigrok and Sons

C.J. Ruigrok and Sons De Zilk is mechanically Hyacinths run. The M. H. Wo-Be 2 holmachine will show his skills at the company from next season. the exactness, cleanliness and the capacity of the machine were decisive! We thank Simon for the job and wish him and fellow users will enjoy working!

Ducker DBM 400 Fabian de Groot

New Ducker DBM 400 delivered to Loonbedrijf Fabian de Groot from Noordwijk. The multifunctional Armklepelmaaier has i.a.. a proportional single-lever, cushioning, 130 cm maaibak and the possibility of, for example, a hedge trimmer. Fabian, Once again thank you for your confidence and have fun with this all-rounder!

delivered Agrifac Condor

The new Agrifac Condor has already sprayed the first acres. The men of Horizon Flowers from Zwaagdijk East have become the proud owner of this beautiful complete machine. Of 42 meter wide boom has approved caps for the 25 cm. Further, a i.a. 5000 liter tank, 151 KW motor and GPS preparation. We thank the men for their confidence and wish Peter and staff will enjoy working.

Processing equipment delivered to J.M. van Berkel B.V.

J.M. van Berkel B.V. Hillegom from the first bulbs processed on the new machines Schouten. The ontklistermachine sieve and steps have been placed within the already existing processing line. We wish Fons will enjoy working with these beautiful machines!

Maschio machines in stock!

Again we have some pretty Maschio machines you bought stock!

Chiara 180 loofhakselaar

Giraffe SE 185 Multi-mulcher

Bisonte 280 fronthakselaar met side-shift

Contact the sales to the qualities and the sharp selling of these toppers!

Combi delivery to Loonbedrijf van Tol

A new press McHale Fusion 3 Plus wrapper combination.
This can either just- or apply foil bond.
Further, it is equipped with Peace Latesteijn 680/50 R22.5 tire and a bale tilting device.

A new McHale 998 High Speed balenwikkelaaar
This capacity machine is provided with winding arm support.

We wish every success with these beautiful machines

Dücker USM 21 afgeleverd!

Again a Dücker USM 21, side mower, issued to Hein of Elderen.
This robust mower, with a working width of 2,1 meter has sideshifting, heavy clappers, a plastic wear plate on the inside. Also by this m.h. equipped with LED lights.

We wish Hein again many years job satisfaction.