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Raven GPS for Agriko Voorhout

To stay in style. Agriko in Voorhout already working a few days back with Raven GPS. Their are two tractors equipped with Viper 4+ terminal provided with weather module and registration of cultivation. With this module, they can next straight track drive also the weather conditions and crop accurately record. We thank Mr Kortekaas for the job and wish them straight tracks!

Raven GPS for V.O.F. Ooms Lijnden

V.O.F. Ooms Lijnden recently became the proud owner of a Raven GPS system.
Several vehicles are prepared, so that the Viper 4+ terminal can be efficiently used; a quad, Agrifac ZA3300, Fendt 309 Fendt 516 ProfiPlus.
We wish them many linear meters.

Raven GPS for Flower Boost Noordwijkerhout

Flower Boost from Noordwijkerhout straight tracks can run on GPS.
The tractor is equipped with a Raven Viper 4+ GPS terminal. Besides the track drive system is also equipped with the module Crop registration '. This makes it possible to map the neatly planted crops and clearly recall again. There is also made use of the module 'Weather'. thus, the temperature and humidity can be measured and recorded. This module taken care of an MIA amortization of 27%.

Curious about the possibilities for your business, check with our sales team.
We thank Joost and Koen for the job, Koen and wish enjoy working!

Also Hyundai Hyva Bergschenhoek

On 14 February a new Hyundai 30L-9A occupied by Hyva Bergschenhoek.

This 3 Ton truck is equipped with a Tier IV engine which fully meets the current emission requirements and offers standard extras which include automatic fork leveling system, Operator Presence Sensing System, driver assistance system for departure on a slope, and a control valve which prevents the forks are lowered in case of damage to a hydraulic tube.

Thanks to its own long spoons, trucks can be unloaded and loaded at one side and with the standard levers, sideshift and clear view mast, users have the familiar comfort and convenience to perform nicely all operations.

Hyva can count on time being a decent truck according to the latest technical requirements! We wish Gerard and colleagues also many safe and pleasant work!

Herman 50!

Today our colleague Herman Krul 50 become year!!
Congratulations and many healthy and happy years wished Herman, on behalf of all your colleagues!

TOTAL oil and grease cartridges ACTION

New forklift Romonta e.g..

The company Romont B.V. from Cruquius is since today use a Hyundai 30D-9 that includes an integrated side shift and fork positioner.

This 3 Tons forklift truck is further provided with a triplicates 4.70 meter mast, a cowl and spoons 1.20 meter.

We wish the employees of Romonta e.g.. good luck with this truck!

Mechanization Exhibition 2018

We are again waiting for you at the 68th Mechanization Exhibition 2018 Vijfhuizen.
Be sure to get a free ticket pick, they are ready for us on the desk!

Exhibition opening hours
Tuesday 9 January 13:00 – 21:30 hour
Wednesday 10 January 13:00 – 21:30 hour
Thursday 11 January 13:00 – 21:30 hour

Venue of the exhibition
Expo Haarlemmermeer
Theorem 1
2141 SB Vijfhuizen

Entrance fee & Parking
Entrance fee: € 5,00
parking is: € 5,00


New MH-L harvester for Gouwenberg Bulbs B.V..

There it is, The new m.h. drawn harvester type GR 1640 L EH!
Equipped with 135cm large rear wheels and wheel drive.
He is therefore in low bearing capacity soil under the wettest conditions continue to do its job.

The input of this machine consists of a digger with pins combined with wipper and retractable wheels.
The input sections are controlled ground speed and depth is controlled automatically by means of position control.
The area of ​​the machine is controlled by the level plane theorem.
This combination creates beautiful little smooth rolls which simplifies the seven product.
the machine is completely For harvesting of lilies equipped with screening mats.
However, it can also be chosen for a combination having finger rollers and shaker screen.

The pivotable conveyor is mounted in a quick change system, but it is easy to change for any other options such as a case elevator.

The above-mentioned features are easily from the tractor to operate with the new touche-screen operation terminal.
Which in combination with two joysticks is very user-friendly in operation.

We thank Messrs Gouwenberg for their confidence and wish them many more years of fun digging.

Grimme RH24-45CF-XXL reception bunker for C. Gijzen Mountain

A very complete Grimme bunker receipt delivered to the Gijzen Mountain to Abbenes family. The machine is o.a. equipped with 8 PU-cleaning rollers, 6 PU voorsorteerrollen, capaciteitsregeling, onions and reel. We wish the Gijzen Berg family for many years to job satisfaction.

Lemken plow bulbs available for demonstration

Available for demonstration purposes: Lemken / m.h. bulbs team.

This team consists of renowned Lemken parts as Optiquick adjustment center, the highly abrasion-resistant and slatted it easy to set depth wheel. Furthermore, the team is equipped with the special m.h. behind shears and intermediate pressure wheel for optimal ground separation.

Are you looking for a decent team bulbs with optimum soil separation, good barrier and low running costs per hectare, call Leon van Ruiten (06-46703579) or Walter van Haaster (06-46703574) For a free demonstration!