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LSM voorwoeler Fabian de Groot

After he purchased a thorough trial. an LSM 300 voorwoeler. This machine is characterized by the hydraulic height adjustable legs, wide wing shares and a short extension to the drop machine. We thank Fabian for the job and wish him much job satisfaction.

Chiara male 180 chopper

Rik Pennings of P. Bloembollenbedrijf Pennings from Noordwijkerhout has worked this season with his new chopper. De Chiara Male 180 is provided with hammers, additional wear plate and a set depth wheels. We thank Rick for the order and wish him years of job satisfaction with this beautiful product Maschio!

New Bergmann kuipstrooier in Wieringerwerf

Combination Van Essen, Van Ackeren and Reijers scatters a new Bergmann. de FLAVOR 2140 E kuipmeststrooier with wide spreading table has already distributed the first cubic meter. In addition to large, wide tires, the carriage i.a.. equipped with a weighing device, kogelkoptrekhaak and shaft drive to the beaters.

We thank Mark, Patrick and Wouter for the award and wish them many tons exact sprinkle pleasure with minimal rutting!

New Hyundai delivered electric pallet truck!

New Hyundai EP 15 electric pallet truck for V.O.F. Gebr. Kieft in Oude Niedorp. Good luck with this new addition!

New M. H. delivered hyacinths Holmachines.

Recently we 3 M.H. Hyacinths Holmachines operated at Kees Haas va Star & zn, H.M. van Haaster & zn in J.C.&F Haaster & zn.

This Holmachine can save substantially on labor which is a relief in this time.
In the arrangement shown in Kees v Haaster & zn the bulbs are first ontzoold by 4 employees. then worry 2 employees ensure that the hyacinth bulbs are placed neatly in the Holmachine.
Then the bulbs are measured individually and rushed over to the set depth. Two other employees are the transverse strip again to put away the hollowed bulbs.

The capacity is so average 3200 bulbs per hour. It is no longer necessary to run after the balls in this set. The users are running after two full weeks enthusiastic.

We thank all of Haas heaters for their trust and all wish their ease of use of the new hyacinths Holmachine.

delivered new Mc Cormick

new Mc. Cormick X 7.460 VT-Drive tractor on the truck towards the end-user. We wish the new owners every success with this strong, complete and continuous cylinder!

Maschio machine number 4 voor Fabian de Groot

Agricultural Services F. de Groot hakselt al weer een aantal weken met zijn nieuwe Maschio fronthakselaar. Deze Bella 190 machine is speciaal uitgerust om het loofhakselen in de fronthef van de tractor te combineren met het bloembollen rooien. Hiervoor is een speciale aandrijfkast gekozen om met minimale motortoeren (brandstof besparing en geluidsbeperking), een maximaal resultaat te behalen! The good results Maschio and m.h. Fabian did once decide to opt for a Maschio! Fabian thanks and enjoy working!

Nilfisk cold water delivered to high-pressure cleaner!

Recently delivered to Stal 's Gravenweg: Nilfisk 5M MC-200 / 1050XT cold water high-pressure cleaner with 200 bar and up 1050 liters per hour!

Equipped with Ergo 2000 handle quickly switch between the 2 lance (pressure adjustable spray lance and a lance with rotary nozzle) for various activities.

Furthermore, this machine comprises 2 tanks for cleaning agents, which is easy to dose over a robust rotary knob at the top of the machine,.

New M. H. GR 1635 EH drawn harvester Daan Hachmang Rental and Contract work.

At the Westeinde be in Noordwijkerhout by Kees Hachmang, de tulpen gerooid van Patrick van Ruiten. Dit gebeurd met de nieuw aangeschafte M.H. GR 1635 EH getrokken rooimachine.

This machine is o.a. voorzien van een kneusunit, een hydraulisch opklapbare uitloop en extra joystickbediening voor de veelgebruikte functies.

Wij feliciteren Daan Hachmang met de ingebruikname en wensen hem nog vele jaren rooiplezier toe met deze bewezen, degelijke en mooi complete machine!

New M. H. GR1635EH drawn harvester for Gouwenberg Bulbs B.V..

After the fall of 2017 newly delivered m.h. GRL1640 L harvester we were a few weeks ago again deliver a new m.h drawn harvester at Gouwenberg Bulb BV.

The machine is o.a. provided with a zwenktransporteur, conditioning unit and automatic leveling leveling. For lifting the lilies also included a pin conveyor combined with retractable wheels.

We thank Messrs Gouwenberg for their confidence and wish them grubbing pleasure for many years to complete with this beautiful machine.

Successful Demo McHale!

After a successful demonstration with McHale 998 Highspeed bale wrapper boot should remain at Loonbedrijf Hopmans.

This McHale 998 Highspeed bale wrap boot is to achieve even higher capacity than normal 998.

Wij wensen het loonbedrijf veel werkplezier met deze capaciteitsmachine.

Nieuwe M.H GR1635EH Getrokken Rooimachine voor G de Wit & Zn!!

Wij willen G de Wit en Zn bedanken voor het vertrouwen en willen hun hierbij nogmaals feliciteren met de ingebruikname van hun nieuwe M.H. Drawn harvester.
Just over a week ago already stubbed Arie de Wit pride the first Anne Maries with his new m.h. Drawn harvester.

This harvester is i.a.. provided with a crate with folding platform rider's and a double hydraulic swing sieve spout and a two-line air braking system.

For it- and removal of the boxes is built M.H.kistenrek on the loader.