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Hyundai 30D-9 diesel truck delivered

A new Hyundai 30D-9 diesel forklift delivered to Walter Koeckhoven.
This forklift has a Kubota engine with no less than 68 hp!
Has a lifting capacity of 3 ton, 4,7 meter triple hefmast, side-shift, fork adjustment and Faster quick coupling.

We wish Walter a lot of fun with this acquisition.
Also interested in another lift truck? Please contact us for a new or used forklift.

Available from stock: Though 18 kipwagen tones.

No tipper yet for the harvest? Available from us directly from stock!

This 18 tons (21,9 m3 inhoud) Joskin Trans-CAP 6500 / 22BC150 is equipped with a light- and stable driving, sprung Roll-Over Spark plug tandem with 650 / 55R26,6 tires, load sensing air brakes, sprung drawbar with a K80 coupling (is interchangeable) and width lighting. The conical box has a hydraulic tailgate, grain scraper, large see-through grid with plexiglass plate and an access ladder. Furthermore, mudguards and a hydraulic support leg are not forgotten. Of course, the machine is also equipped with the legal European Inspection.

Ask our sales staff about the qualities and the attractive stock price of this solid Joskin product.

M.H. Wo-Be 2 hollow machine delivered

At L.P.M. Zonneveld & Zn. this year they dug hyacinths in Voorhout with a new M.H. Wo-Be 2 holmachine. Leon and Rick decided to purchase one last winter. Here too, capacity played a role, the cleanliness of the work and the limited availability of employees are an important reason for purchasing. In this machine, of course, the latest technical developments have also been taken into account in construction.

We thank Leon and Rick for the assignment and wish them a lot of job satisfaction!

Are you also interested in this hollow machine for next season? ? Please feel free to contact our sales staff.

M.H. Hol machine delivered!

E.J.M. Damen and Son B.V. from Voorhout has opted for machine running. The New M.H.. Wo-Be 2 holmachine has finished most of his work this season. The neat result and capacity also played an important role in Christiaan 's choice. We thank him for the trust and wish him many years of job satisfaction!

M.H. hollow machine delivered to Henk Damen and Zn. B.V.-Bloomzone

The hyacinth running has already started again. At Henk Damen and Son. B.V-Bloomzone this year for the first time with an M.H. automatic fetching machine.

They can do this neatly, run the bulbs quickly and precisely. Due to various technical adaptations to the model 2020, we were able to significantly increase capacity this year.

We wish Rick and Henry a lot of work pleasure with this beautiful hollow machine.

Used Landini Vision delivered

Recently we have been able to deliver a beautiful used Landini Vision tractor with a new Quicke front loader. Maatschap van Zadelhoff has also put a Qmac manure clamp and bale clamp into use.

We thank the partners and wish them a lot of fun with this neat set.


Baoli (part of the KION group) has summer action up to 31 August 2020.

On display in our showroom


New M. H. harvester for W. van Lierop and Zonnen B.V.

Of course already underway for some time. In. van Lierop and Zonen B.V. from Anna-Paulowna recently released a new M.H. GR 1635 EH, 1,80 lifting machine received.

The machine is equipped with i.a.. automatic leveling leveling, driving speed dependent harvesting mat, conditioner, swing conveyor with height sensor, camera, work lights, sieve rack, additional hose reel with air gun etc., ciency. In addition to the two M.H. harvesters that were purchased last year, this machine completes the set.

Gentlemen thanks, and a lot of harvesting fun with this super complete machine!

M.H. automatic box change unit delivered

Also Mts. Streets from Hillegom has the investment in an M.H. KWU 1800 done.

For neat and fast filling and changing of the boxes, the M.H harvester is equipped with the automatic box change system this year. Fill two boxes at the same time, push and automatically provide the crate lift with empty crates again. All this with just 1 tractor. A sophisticated collaboration between iron, hydraulics and PLC technology ensure less product damage and serious capacity increase!

Gentlemen thanks, and a nice remaining harvesting season.

M.H. box change unit for Gebr. the Great

After the good experiences of the past season, the second unit is a fact. Contractor company Gebr. de Groot B.V.. the M.H. KWU 1800 already in full use again.

The fully automatic, double box change unit provided by means of. special PLC control for quickly and neatly filled boxes on the M.H.. rooimachine. This nice addition to the existing one 1,80 machine provides the necessary safe labor reduction and capacity increase. We wish de Groot and his customers a nice harvest season!

Maschio DM3000 delivered!

Recently delivered to A.C.. Nieuwenhuis & Zn, a rotary harrow, to replace the 18 year old Maschio HM 3000.

This is equipped with a hydraulic lift stand, packerrol, LED lighting and wheel mark eradicators.

We wish the Nieuwenhuis family many years of work pleasure again.

Robust front slide delivered!

Delivered to Loon- and rental company Kevin Davies a JAKO F250.
This robust front slide is fitted with as standard 2 baking knives for push and pull work including width marking.

We wish Kevin the best of luck with this very solid front slide!