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70th Mechanization Exhibition

2020 We start with the 70th Mechanization Exhibition!!

Exhibition opening hours 2020 :

Tuesday 7 January 13:00 – 21:30 hour
Wednesday 8 January 13:00 – 21:30 hour
Thursday 9 January 13:00 – 21:30 hour

Entrance fee & Parking

Entrance fee: € 5,00
parking is: € 5,00

Of course there is again a stack of tickets on the counter in the warehouse!


new look

Through this way we would like to inform you of our new corporate identity, we proudly present to you our new logo.

Nothing is more important for a brand as a strong and recognizable logo. To go to the time, the design must be adjusted occasionally. Mechanization Haarlemmermeer even years carries the same logo which resulted from an older logo CEBECO. We felt it was time for a new look to match the current vision and mission of Mechanization Haarlemmermeer.

To all our utterances can as of today our new corporate identity and logo encounter, This we will roll out in phases starting with e-mail, invoices and documents. Our new website is working intensively, expected this will soon be operational.

We take this opportunity to thank you for our many years their trust and pleasant cooperation and wish you a prosperous, successful and healthy 2020 both business and private.

On behalf of management Mechanization Haarlemmermeer B.V..

Order your Lemken Consumables with winter discount

Order now you Lemken consumables at special conditions! Find out in our warehouse at Ronald to quality and Daral DuraMaxx.

M.H. Automatic straw roof with rope takeaway machine for Loonbedrijf Gebr. de Groot B.V..

Meanwhile already several days in business; The new m.h. Automatic straw roof with rope Pick vending Loonbedrijf Gebr. de Groot B.V.. from Hillegom.

It 8,70 meter thatched roof features the newly developed afpluktrommel, a quiet and evenly dosed feed Straw. Further, the drum cover is hydraulically adjustable in height in order to comply thus, together with the ingenious folding to the requirements of the RDW and below the statutory 4,00 meter transport height to stay. There is of course the unbeatable m.h. Take rope mounted dispenser, in order as quickly and trouble-free to remove the ropes completely automatic and compact to carry off. All in all a decent capacity combo!

We thank the partners for their trust and wish them enjoy working with their second full m.h. strodekcombinatie!

Briefed about Lemken fertilizer spreaders

Recently our sellers are informed about the Lemken fertilizer spreaders. Are you looking for an exact spreader in simple or super deluxe version? Contact: Mike Verbeek 06-52159232, Leon Glass 06-46703579 of Tony Ooms 06-52413060.

Maschio Bisonte for Partnership Straits

De Male Bison 280 front mower can do its job. Straits partnership has invested in this beautiful 2,80 wide allesvreter. together, This is with the previously purchased lawnmower multi Maschio Giraffa, a neat set!

Thanks for the job and many hakselplezier.

M.H. Automatic straw roof with touwafhaler for Vermaire Breezand

Despite the bad weather could still operate the combi. The new automatic Straw Roof with automatic touwafhaler for Vermaire Breezand has processed the first bale.

It 8,70 meter long roof meets the requirements for transport of RDW. Further includes an Automatic Rope Pick Machines. This machine can be automatically removed carelessly and the ropes. The newly developed afpluktrommel cared quiet, and uniform passage of the straw. As with in combination with existing m.h. strodekmachine, a neat, decent and beautiful combination!

We thank Jack for the job and wish him much job satisfaction.


Lemken plow delivered in Voorhout

Lemken EurOpal 5 Three furrow plow for Fa. H.A. Zonneveld. Dennis can plow back nicely with the new machine. De speciale M.H. skimmers ensure the incorporation of neatly cultivated toppings including crop residues.

We thank the men and wish them lots of fun team.

New Maschio machines in stock

Available from stock: Mischa Domiator 3 meter power harrow with packer roller, Chiara 1,80 beds and a chopper Bisonte 2,80 front / rear mulcher. Ask about the interesting stock prices our sales team!

M.H. crate exchange unit a success!

An idea from a client via the drawing board into practice.

Loonbedrijf Fa. Gebr. de Groot worked the first season of the new m.h. Wissel box Unit. In cooperation with the contractor we have developed an automatic changer box on the harvester. Faster and without stopping switch boxes had the desire. A sophisticated interplay between iron, hydraulics and electronics have resulted in a reliable solution.

We thank Ruth, Hank and Tilly and wish them a lot and fast job satisfaction with this lovely option!

Lemken plow Julianadorp delivered.

Gouwenberg Bulbs B.V. Plowing with a Lemken Juwel 7 V team. The four variable furrow reversible plow was not allowed to leave after a positive demo.

The team has i.a.. the DuraMaxx slatted, tipkouters, pendelwiel one the specialty M.H. bulbs skimmers. The team is called 3 + 1 performance, in order if appropriate, as well as three scissors to ongoing.

We thank the gentlemen for their trust and wish them fun team!