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Nieuwe combinatie voor Paro Amsterdam B.V.

Sinds kort in bedrijf bij Paro Amsterdam B.V. Een jong gebruikte McCormick X6.440 tractor met een nieuwe Holaras Turbo 270 hydraulisch aangedreven frontbezem. Achter de tractor een verse Joskin Modulo 2 tankwagen met een capaciteit van 10.000 liter. De tractor is voor de uitstraling van het bedrijf speciaal in de paars/witte bedrijfskleuren gespoten. Al met al een keurig nette combi voor de stofbestrijding op de locatie. We bedanken Paro voor de mooie opdracht en wensen de trotse chauffeur veel werkplezier!

New Agrifac Condor for Lbdr. M. Rabbit e.g..

Some time ago we were able to deliver a new Agrifac Condor self-propelled agricultural sprayer to Agricultural contractor M. Rabbit e.g.. in Sint Maartensvlotbrug. Among other things, the machine is equipped with a 33 meter AirFlowPlus spray boom with nozzles at center to center. 25 cm, Fast Fold Plus, 34 Sections, GPS section control, 16 LED work lights and an M.H. suction arm. Thank you for your confidence in us. We wish the gentlemen many hours of work pleasure with their new machine.

Baoli stacker delivered

Delivered to Meijer Tegels and Sanitair in Nieuw-Vennep: a Baoli electric stacker. Have fun with this beautiful machine!


New Joskin tipper stock

Looking for a new dump for the next harvest period ? We have complete 18 Joskin tonne truck in stock ordered.

with almost 22 m3 inhoud, parabolic suspension chassis with wide 650 ties, air brakes, large see-through matrix, etc., ciency, a pretty complete car. Has aroused your interest ? Ask our sales for the full implementation and the sharp stock price!

(photo example)

new look

Through this way we would like to inform you of our new corporate identity, we proudly present to you our new logo.

Nothing is more important for a brand as a strong and recognizable logo. To go to the time, the design must be adjusted occasionally. Mechanization Haarlemmermeer even years carries the same logo which resulted from an older logo CEBECO. We felt it was time for a new look to match the current vision and mission of Mechanization Haarlemmermeer.

To all our utterances can as of today our new corporate identity and logo encounter, This we will roll out in phases starting with e-mail, invoices and documents. Our new website is working intensively, expected this will soon be operational.

We take this opportunity to thank you for our many years their trust and pleasant cooperation and wish you a prosperous, successful and healthy 2020 both business and private.

On behalf of management Mechanization Haarlemmermeer B.V..

Ducker DBM 400 Fabian de Groot

New Ducker DBM 400 delivered to Loonbedrijf Fabian de Groot from Noordwijk. The multifunctional Armklepelmaaier has i.a.. a proportional single-lever, cushioning, 130 cm maaibak and the possibility of, for example, a hedge trimmer. Fabian, Once again thank you for your confidence and have fun with this all-rounder!

delivered Agrifac Condor

The new Agrifac Condor has already sprayed the first acres. The men of Horizon Flowers from Zwaagdijk East have become the proud owner of this beautiful complete machine. Of 42 meter wide boom has approved caps for the 25 cm. Further, a i.a. 5000 liter tank, 151 KW motor and GPS preparation. We thank the men for their confidence and wish Peter and staff will enjoy working.

Processing equipment delivered to J.M. van Berkel B.V.

J.M. van Berkel B.V. Hillegom from the first bulbs processed on the new machines Schouten. The ontklistermachine sieve and steps have been placed within the already existing processing line. We wish Fons will enjoy working with these beautiful machines!

M.H. dealer Bollenplaten.nl

Recently we became dealer Bollenplaten.nl.
Are you looking for quality sorting- bars or plates, information about the possibilities of price and delivery.

For more information: Ronald Mastwijk 023-2062201 of ronald@mechanisatiehaarlemmermeer.nl.

Weather Maschio machines within .....

Again entered some machines Maschio. Quickly prepare and deliver!

Also available for quick decision: a very nice Giraffa 160 SE Multi-mower. Ready for use. Inquire about the competitive price to our sales team.

New tractor delivered !

Roan de Groot is the proud owner of a new Mc. Cormick tractor. The lucky winner of the m.h. coloring competition was allowed to receive his deserved reward. Roan, Have fun with this beautiful tractor.