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Hyundai 30D-9 diesel truck delivered!

A new Hyundai 30D-9 diesel truck delivered to Fa. van Staveren.
This truck has a lifting capacity 3 ton, triplo mast with a lift height of 4,7 meter, side shift and 4th function.

We wish Mr. raise much fun with this acquisition.

New Hyundai delivered electric pallet truck!

New Hyundai EP 15 electric pallet truck for V.O.F. Gebr. Kieft in Oude Niedorp. Good luck with this new addition!

3e Hyundai forklift Nursery Aris

Today Nursery Aris Aalsmeer 3rd Hyundai forklift into operation.

After being started with the 7-Series, there are now more 2 pieces of the 9 series added.

We wish the employees of the greenhouse in the Kwakel enjoy this fine truck!

2Hyundai E Den Daas Terracotta

on and 2017 already bought a diesel truck Hyundai, Den Daas Terracotta has now purchased an electric version.

This has become the 18BT-9 with a 4.70 meter mast and fork positioner.

The many different product sizes questions here is to frequent adjustment of the fork width and thanks to the fork positioner abandon past.

The convenient automatic fork horizontal adjustment makes it easy to ensure that the spoons, at height, safely in the pallets can be inserted.

Inside or outside, Den Daas Terracotta move the products with Hyundai!

New Hyundai forklift Schouten Sorting Equipment B.V.. tea Fight

Kampen Schouten Sorting Equipment B.V.. Replacing the old truck for a new Hyundai 18BT-9

This electric three-wheel lift truck is provided with a fork positioner of Cascade, which in a triplicates 4.70 meter mast is mounted.

We wish the employees many safe and pleasant hours with this beautiful truck!!!

New stacker Maxima Floor and Window Total

In Haarlem Maxima Floor and Window Total B.V.. last week opened a Hyundai 15ESR stacker.
This stacker reaches up to a height of 5600 mm. by means of a 3-fold extendable mast and will pallets and material to a weight of 1500 kg. can move.

We wish the employees of Maxima many fine and safe work with this beautiful new Hyundai!

Also Hyundai Hyva Bergschenhoek

On 14 February a new Hyundai 30L-9A occupied by Hyva Bergschenhoek.

This 3 Ton truck is equipped with a Tier IV engine which fully meets the current emission requirements and offers standard extras which include automatic fork leveling system, Operator Presence Sensing System, driver assistance system for departure on a slope, and a control valve which prevents the forks are lowered in case of damage to a hydraulic tube.

Thanks to its own long spoons, trucks can be unloaded and loaded at one side and with the standard levers, sideshift and clear view mast, users have the familiar comfort and convenience to perform nicely all operations.

Hyva can count on time being a decent truck according to the latest technical requirements! We wish Gerard and colleagues also many safe and pleasant work!

New forklift Romonta e.g..

The company Romont B.V. from Cruquius is since today use a Hyundai 30D-9 that includes an integrated side shift and fork positioner.

This 3 Tons forklift truck is further provided with a triplicates 4.70 meter mast, a cowl and spoons 1.20 meter.

We wish the employees of Romonta e.g.. good luck with this truck!

new lift- and reach at Bercomex

In Bercomex from Horn (NH) its last month delivered a truck and a forklift for the new warehouse.
The truck can put away pallets up to a height of 8.05 meter, and the truck with 3-fold mast can be up to 4.70 reach meters.

We wish Bercomex much fun and success with these new machines!

Hyundai 20DA-7E forklift delivered to Den Daas

Den Daas Terracotta Aalsmeerderbrug we recently a new Hyundai 20DA-7E forklift must deliver. The diesel truck is equipped with a 2-fold mast with a lift height of 3.30 m, integrated sideshift and solid rubber tires. We wish them many years users have fun with their new acquisition.

Hyundai forklift 3 in 4 for Envirotainer

Recently, we have a third and delivered a fourth Hyundai electric forklift at Envirotainer Nieuw-Vennep. These two 3 ton trucks both provided with 4.7 m triple hefmast, sideshift s vorkversteller.

We thank Envirotainer for the trust placed in us and wish them many years to job satisfaction.

Hyundai forklift Agrifac Machinery

The employees of Agrifac Machinery B.V.. Steenwijk can again enjoyable to work. Recently, we have a new Hyundai 50 L 7 A forklift may issue. We wish the users a lot of success with this beautiful machine.