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New Maschio shredder for Straits

Ago. A.T. Straits from Hillegom is ready to hakselklus. The new Maschio Chiara 180 is equipped with the m.h. padenkap but speciale stroklepels. We thank the gentlemen for the beautiful order and wish them hakselplezier.

New and demo machines in stock

You bought! new, Young used and demo equipment. Inquire about the possibilities at one of our sellers.

Leon Glass: 06-46703579, Mike Verbeek: 06-52159232 of Tony Ooms: 06-52413060

delivered Lemken plow

Mts. van der Geest has taken delivery of the new Lemken plow. Lemken EurOpal 5 3 Scissors has already plowed the first hectares. We thank the men for the job and a lot of fun team!

LSM voorwoeler Fabian de Groot

After he purchased a thorough trial. an LSM 300 voorwoeler. This machine is characterized by the hydraulic height adjustable legs, wide wing shares and a short extension to the drop machine. We thank Fabian for the job and wish him much job satisfaction.

Chiara male 180 chopper

Rik Pennings of P. Bloembollenbedrijf Pennings from Noordwijkerhout has worked this season with his new chopper. De Chiara Male 180 is provided with hammers, additional wear plate and a set depth wheels. We thank Rick for the order and wish him years of job satisfaction with this beautiful product Maschio!

New Bergmann kuipstrooier in Wieringerwerf

Combination Van Essen, Van Ackeren and Reijers scatters a new Bergmann. de FLAVOR 2140 E kuipmeststrooier with wide spreading table has already distributed the first cubic meter. In addition to large, wide tires, the carriage i.a.. equipped with a weighing device, kogelkoptrekhaak and shaft drive to the beaters.

We thank Mark, Patrick and Wouter for the award and wish them many tons exact sprinkle pleasure with minimal rutting!

delivered new Mc Cormick

new Mc. Cormick X 7.460 VT-Drive tractor on the truck towards the end-user. We wish the new owners every success with this strong, complete and continuous cylinder!

Maschio machine number 4 Fabian de Groot

Agricultural Services F. de Groot chops already a few weeks with his new front shredder Maschio. these Bella 190 machine is specially equipped in order to combine the loofhakselen in the front hitch of the tractor with the grub bulbs. For this, a special drive mechanism is selected to be with minimum engine rpm (Fuel saving and noise reduction), To achieve maximum results! The good results Maschio and m.h. Fabian did once decide to opt for a Maschio! Fabian thanks and enjoy working!

Successful Demo McHale!

After a successful demonstration with McHale 998 Highspeed bale wrapper boot should remain at Loonbedrijf Hopmans.

This McHale 998 Highspeed bale wrap boot is to achieve even higher capacity than normal 998.

We wish the contractor will enjoy working with this capacity machine.

New GRIMME line V.O.F. J. Heemskerk and Zn. from De Zilk!

The first tulips are now cleaned. Grimme RH 24-45 BU reception bunker adapted by us to clean dosed and gentle and to separate deliverable bulbs planting. In addition to the specially developed m.h. Presenteerband, the machine is provided with soft PU cleaning rollers, and spiral sorting rollers. Further, i.a.. capaciteitsregeling, automatic lubrication and Control Line site.

In order to properly and quickly fill the boxes, there is chosen a Grimme GBF automatic filler. This machine is fed by a conveyor belt Grimme LC. The whole provides fast, and product-friendly clean processing of the product.

We thank Mark and Rob for their trust and wish them much pleasure from this wonderful line!

Warnaarthoeve b.v. has now injected the first liters with the new Agrifac Condor!

This very complete machine is i.a.. equipped with 4000 Liter tank content, Fast Fold Plus 39 Meter J-Boom met 32 Pneumatic sections and Pro Active Balance Plus!

With the GreenFlowPlus pump set in combination with the HighTechAirPlus system having Droplet Control and the pump is AddFlow wastes no drop of a pesticide!

The Endurance Fust Cleaner, Automatic lubrication and additional LED lights, the machine is really equipped!

We wish Warnaarthoeve B.V.. job satisfaction for many years with this capacity machine!

Lemken Karat cultivator available!

The harvesting time is here again. For you out again know the bulbs. To explain the harvested land neatly ready for the next crop, Lemken Karat stoppelculivator is the ideal machine!

In detaching a working step wheel tracks / Delete, deciduous- and mixing straw residues and act, leveling and pressing dust-free. It may Lemken Karat double profile ring rolling. The standard quick change chuck is the turn of another type chisel child, en is een diepere grondbewerking tot zo’n 40 cm prima mogelijk. De verdeel- en randschijven zorgen voor een vlak zaaibed wat aangedrukt wordt door de dubbelprofielringwals.

Wilt u weten wat deze machine voor u kan beteken, ask for the demo capabilities in: Leon Glass 06-46703579.