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Order your Lemken Consumables with winter discount

Order now you Lemken consumables at special conditions! Find out in our warehouse at Ronald to quality and Daral DuraMaxx.

Briefed about Lemken fertilizer spreaders

Recently our sellers are informed about the Lemken fertilizer spreaders. Are you looking for an exact spreader in simple or super deluxe version? Contact: Mike Verbeek 06-52159232, Leon Glass 06-46703579 of Tony Ooms 06-52413060.

Maschio Bisonte for Partnership Straits

De Male Bison 280 front mower can do its job. Straits partnership has invested in this beautiful 2,80 wide allesvreter. together, This is with the previously purchased lawnmower multi Maschio Giraffa, a neat set!

Thanks for the job and many hakselplezier.

Lemken plow delivered in Voorhout

Lemken EurOpal 5 Three furrow plow for Fa. H.A. Zonneveld. Dennis can plow back nicely with the new machine. De speciale M.H. skimmers ensure the incorporation of neatly cultivated toppings including crop residues.

We thank the men and wish them lots of fun team.

New Maschio machines in stock

Available from stock: Mischa Domiator 3 meter power harrow with packer roller, Chiara 1,80 beds and a chopper Bisonte 2,80 front / rear mulcher. Ask about the interesting stock prices our sales team!

Lemken plow Julianadorp delivered.

Gouwenberg Bulbs B.V. Plowing with a Lemken Juwel 7 V team. The four variable furrow reversible plow was not allowed to leave after a positive demo.

The team has i.a.. the DuraMaxx slatted, tipkouters, pendelwiel one the specialty M.H. bulbs skimmers. The team is called 3 + 1 performance, in order if appropriate, as well as three scissors to ongoing.

We thank the gentlemen for their trust and wish them fun team!

delivered Ducker mulcher !

New zijklepelmaaier for J. Heemskerk and Sons. Rob Peters or father mowing the edges tightly with a new Ducker USM 15 mulcher.

This machine is equipped with a reinforced powertrain, cantilever slagklepels, plastic wear plate in the hood, side shift and lighting. Altogether a robust groenvreter.

Rob a Mark, Thanks for the nice job and enjoy working with them!

Lemken fertilizer spreaders available !

German agricultural machinery manufacturer Lemken is the product for crop care package complete with a fertilizer spreader. After the syringe- and hoe technology, the spreading technique is now available. A complete line of spreaders is now available. From 900 t/m 4000 liters, 18 t/m 50 m working width, simple t / m super extended (GPS section control, CCI ISOBUS control). Ask our sales team into the potential of this top!

Joskin tipper available

Last summer have delivered these two Joskin dumpers. The cars are used to transport the harvested bulbs safely towards the cistern. We thank the users for the beautiful order. Are you curious about the quality of this beautiful, RDW approved tippers ? Inquire about the possibilities for our sales team ! Some models available soon. Naturally the aaardappeloogst.

Demo Lemken/M.H. bulbs team available

Want to 50 cm deep plowing with an optimal ground separation? Inquire about the possibilities of Lemken / M.H. two scissors bulbs team. The plow is provided with, among other things the well-known wear-resistant super Lemken stokenrister at the lowest operating costs per hectare. Furthermore, the known m.h. front and / or rear shears for optimal barrier of the 'dirty’ top layer to the bottom of the. In addition, the pressure wheels are missing, shuttle wheel and the lighting of course not. Inquire about the possibilities at Leon (06-46703579) of Walter (06-46703574).

Lemken Rubin 10/300 You delivered

Lemken Rubin 10/300 You do not clean discs;. Of 645 mm grote, spring secured DuraMaxx disks made their first job!

De Rubin 10 harrow excels large, hardened disks with the proper edge angle. This maximum penetration into the soil and optimal cutting- and work with the results and distribution present a minimal risk of clogging. The DuraMaxx cure and the maintenance-free mounting of the discs is a lifelong job enjoyment guaranteed. Furthermore, the machine is equipped with the famous double profile ring assembly is to lay down the worked soil and dust-free as long as possible away. Obviously missing LED street lighting and safety signs not for safe transport on the road.

We thank the users for the job, and their wishes will enjoy working with this hell of a harrow!

Successful demo On Land teams at Delphy

Last week we, in cooperation with Lemken and Fa Loonbedrijf. Gebr. de Groot demonstration “On Land” teams commissioned by Proeftuin Delphy.

During this demo afternoon we could fine team result of the Lemken Juwel 6 Scissors On Land team show. The tractor on wide bands above about driving. minimum insporing, ideal weight and the possibility of shallow plowing some of the advantages of one country teams. The spacious Lemken plow we can green manure neatly plowed. If the desire is there to deeper plowing away the green manure, this is through various choices in mold boards and skimmers possible.

We thank Ruth, Hans and Bob for the opportunity and if you have questions, contact our sales team.