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M.H. holmachine for C. J. Ruigrok and Sons

C.J. Ruigrok and Sons De Zilk is mechanically Hyacinths run. The M. H. Wo-Be 2 holmachine will show his skills at the company from next season. the exactness, cleanliness and the capacity of the machine were decisive! We thank Simon for the job and wish him and fellow users will enjoy working!


First ruddy season 2019 afgeleverd!

Ter Steege Texel, the first m.h. Harvester for next season. The young m.h used. 1,80 harvester goes to work on the beautiful island of Texel. We thank Henk and wish him many hours digging!

New M. H. delivered hyacinths Holmachines.

Recently we 3 M.H. Hyacinths Holmachines operated at Kees Haas va Star & zn, H.M. van Haaster & zn in J.C.&F Haaster & zn.

This Holmachine can save substantially on labor which is a relief in this time.
In the arrangement shown in Kees v Haaster & zn the bulbs are first ontzoold by 4 employees. then worry 2 employees ensure that the hyacinth bulbs are placed neatly in the Holmachine.
Then the bulbs are measured individually and rushed over to the set depth. Two other employees are the transverse strip again to put away the hollowed bulbs.

The capacity is so average 3200 bulbs per hour. It is no longer necessary to run after the balls in this set. The users are running after two full weeks enthusiastic.

We thank all of Haas heaters for their trust and all wish their ease of use of the new hyacinths Holmachine.

New M. H. GR 1635 EH drawn harvester Daan Hachmang Rental and Contract work.

At the Westeinde be in Noordwijkerhout by Kees Hachmang, tulips cleared by Patrick van Ruiten. This happened with the newly purchased m.h. GR 1635 EH drawn harvester.

This machine is o.a. provided with a crushing unit, a hydraulic foldable spout and additional joystick control for the frequently used functions.

Congratulations Daan Hachmang with commissioning and wish grubbing pleasure him many more years with this proven, decent and nice complete machine!

New M. H. GR1635EH drawn harvester for Gouwenberg Bulbs B.V..

After the fall of 2017 newly delivered m.h. GRL1640 L harvester we were a few weeks ago again deliver a new m.h drawn harvester at Gouwenberg Bulb BV.

The machine is o.a. provided with a zwenktransporteur, conditioning unit and automatic leveling leveling. For lifting the lilies also included a pin conveyor combined with retractable wheels.

We thank Messrs Gouwenberg for their confidence and wish them grubbing pleasure for many years to complete with this beautiful machine.

New m.h GR1635EH drawn harvester for G White & Zn!!

We want the G White and Zn for the trust and congratulate them here again with the opening of their new m.h. Drawn harvester.
Just over a week ago already stubbed Arie de Wit pride the first Anne Maries with his new m.h. Drawn harvester.

This harvester is i.a.. provided with a crate with folding platform rider's and a double hydraulic swing sieve spout and a two-line air braking system.

For it- and removal of the boxes is built M.H.kistenrek on the loader.

New GRIMME line V.O.F. J. Heemskerk and Zn. from De Zilk!

The first tulips are now cleaned. Grimme RH 24-45 BU reception bunker adapted by us to clean dosed and gentle and to separate deliverable bulbs planting. In addition to the specially developed m.h. Presenteerband, the machine is provided with soft PU cleaning rollers, and spiral sorting rollers. Further, i.a.. capaciteitsregeling, automatic lubrication and Control Line site.

In order to properly and quickly fill the boxes, there is chosen a Grimme GBF automatic filler. This machine is fed by a conveyor belt Grimme LC. The whole provides fast, and product-friendly clean processing of the product.

We thank Mark and Rob for their trust and wish them much pleasure from this wonderful line!

New m.h GR1635EH drawn harvester for Wed, The is Haaster & Zn!!

Wed. A Haaster congratulations on your beautiful new drawn m.h. Drawn harvester. Jeroen sprinkles here the first tulips to the Loosterweg.

The lifting machine is provided with a crushing unit, a foldable spout and crate with folding platform rider's.

For it on and discharging is a new m.h. Kistenrek purchased which is mounted on the mast.

New m.h GR1635EH drawn harvester for Kees van Haaster & Zn!

We want Mr Kees van Haaster & Zn congratulate their new m.h. Drawn harvester. The lifting machine is very complete and has, inter alia, a ground speed lifting knife drive mata, leveling leveling and position control.

It is possible with the spout and the hydraulic folding crate with folding platform rider's in two crates are lifted at the same time. The new compact m.h. kistenrek which is mounted on the front loader, the full and empty boxes can be switched smoothly.

Ron sprinkles here the first hyacinth for preparation. Lots of fun digging desirable men!

New m.h GR1635EH drawn harvester for Loonbedrijf Brothers de Groot

After some busy months of building and thanks to the tireless efforts of our staff could last Monday the first harvester go into the ground.

We congratulate Ruth, Hank and Tilly with this beautiful very complete m.h. drawn harvester. This machine is among other things provided with a crushing unit, automatic leveling leveling and a zwenktransporteur.

To meet the latest regulatory requirements, all lifters and therefore the lifter features a two-line air brake system.
Gert stubbed here Monday for the first tulips Vof J Heemskerk & Zn.

M.H. Multiplanter in business!

Another took a few weeks ago Loonbedrijf Hoogland this m.h. Multiplanter used for planting zantadeschia's. The machine is provided with a overschietset with a slidable base tape. The freesasje creates a beautifully finished seedbed.

Thank Loonbedrijf Highland for the confidence and wish them to enjoy working with this capacity machine.

New MH-L harvester for Gouwenberg Bulbs B.V..

There it is, The new m.h. drawn harvester type GR 1640 L EH!
Equipped with 135cm large rear wheels and wheel drive.
He is therefore in low bearing capacity soil under the wettest conditions continue to do its job.

The input of this machine consists of a digger with pins combined with wipper and retractable wheels.
The input sections are controlled ground speed and depth is controlled automatically by means of position control.
The area of ​​the machine is controlled by the level plane theorem.
This combination creates beautiful little smooth rolls which simplifies the seven product.
the machine is completely For harvesting of lilies equipped with screening mats.
However, it can also be chosen for a combination having finger rollers and shaker screen.

The pivotable conveyor is mounted in a quick change system, but it is easy to change for any other options such as a case elevator.

The above-mentioned features are easily from the tractor to operate with the new touche-screen operation terminal.
Which in combination with two joysticks is very user-friendly in operation.

We thank Messrs Gouwenberg for their confidence and wish them many more years of fun digging.