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2131 LV

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The company

Mechanization Haarlemmermeer B.V.opende 3 January 1968 its doors. Started as Cebeco Mechanization but since 1998 privatized and continued under the name Mechanisation Haarlemmermeer B.V.. Up to and including 2014 the company was led by Mr. b, d. Bergsma. Since 2015 the company is continued by three employees; Han Gijzen Mountain, Walter van Haaster and Tony Ooms. The company is located in the IJweg 975 in Hoofddorp. Met circa 30 employees Mechanization Haarlemmermeer B.V.. engaged in agricultural mechanization, engineering and materials handling.


Our agricultural mechanization division we are active in the arable, livestock- and bulb sector. Through a carefully chosen brand package we can for the various sectors always offer a suitable machine.

The machine maintenance and repair will take place in the machinery workshop. Repair and maintenance of tractors and telehandlers takes place in the workplace Tractors & Internal transport. Work may also be performed excellently on site by our service technicians using bus service from our well-tuned this.

Also, modifications to existing machines constructive, mechanical, hydraulic and / or electrical nature take place in our tool workshop.

Some dealerships within our department landbouwmechanisatie:

  • Agrifac (Trailed and self-propelled sprayers)
  • Bergmann (manure spreaders and wagons)
  • Cremer (telunits)
  • Ten (telescopic and articulated loaders with telescopic boom)
  • Grimme (o.a. potato planters, rooimachines in inschuurmachines)
  • Lemken (tillage machines, seeders and sprayers)
  • Maschio-Gaspardo (grondbwerkingsmachines and seeders)
  • McCORMICK (tractors 35 to 312 pk)
  • McHale (baler wrapper combination, square bale wrappers)
  • Nilfisk (pressure washers, vacuum cleaners and floor cleaning machines)
  • Peecon (feed mixers, thought a kipwagens
  • SBG (GPS systems)
  • Tulip (grondbwerkingmachines and seeders)

Machine Construction

Mechanisatie Haarlemmermeer B.V. has an engineering department; M.H. Special Machinery, within which development- and production taking place from equipment. Under the name m.h. Special machines developed an extensive range of machinery for the cultivation of flower bulbs. The applied mechanics, hydraulic and electrical systems and the controls are developed in-house. The manufacturing units, small series and prototypes are constructed entirely within the engineering department, constructed and assembled.

A small selection of the M.H. Speciaalmachines assortiment:

  • vorenpakker
  • Frontlader a bunkerdak
  • Multi-planter
  • Strodekmachine
  • Automatic Strodak (optionally with Rope Pick Dispenser)
  • Exit Device
  • Drawn harvester
  • Self-propelled harvester
  • Multi-hakselaar
  • Cutting-Loader
  • Compostfrees
  • Tools Carrier
  • Slide Board
  • Processing equipment such as indoor stacker, stacker, crate wagens
  • Hyacintenholmachine / Prtermcine

Internal transport

In terms of handling keeps Mechanization Haarlemmermeer B.V.. engaged in the sale, Rental, repair and maintenance of forklifts (with accessories) and floor cleaning machines. Maintenance and repair of this done in the workshop Tractors & Internal transport. The service and repair of these machines also occurs to a large extent by on-site service technicians with good bus service to this concerted.
Our handling clients are located both in the logistics sector and the agricultural sector.
The main brands that are conducted in the department handling his:

  • Hyundai (electrical, gas- in dieselvorkheftrucks)
  • Ten (handlers)
  • Nilfisk (floor cleaning machines)