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Sell ​​agricultural machinery, tractors and telehandlers

Leon van Ruiten

Mail Leon
+31 (0)6-46703579

Sell ​​MH Special Machines

Walter van Haaster

Mail Walter
+31 (0)6-46703574

Leon van Ruiten

Mail Leon
+31 (0)6-46703579

Sales Internal transport


Parts sales

Ronald van Mastwijk

Mail Ronald
+31 (0)23-2062201

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Tractors, telehandlers and forklifts

Peter den Hollander

Mail Peter
+31 (0)23-2062203

Agricultural implements

Han Gijzenberg

Mail Han
+31 (0)23-2062210

R&D / Mechanical engineering

Rijacco Hoogendoorn

Mail Rijacco
+31 (0)23-2062207

Accounts receivable / creditors


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