Mechanization Haarlemmermeer supplies technology to the entire agricultural sector. Our customers are arable, flower bulbs, loon- and livestock farms, contractors, landscapers and governments. Our delivery program is as broad as the sectors we serve. Our sales consultants understand what you need, what is important to you and how you can get the maximum return from your investment. As a dealer, we represent a large number of renowned brands. We also develop and build machines for various sectors and applications ourselves.

Our Dealerships


Agrifac market leader with innovative self-propelled agricultural sprayers; of Condor in Condor Endurance.

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Telehandlers with a lifting capacity of 2.600 until 23.000 kg and a lifting height of 5,78 until 30 m, articulated telehandlers, dumpers and concrete mixers. Dieci has a suitable solution for every wish.

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McCormick for tractors from 44 until 310 pk, narrow gauge tractors from 70 until 112 hp and special tractors with a.o.. reversing device of 23 until 102 pk. Nice solid tractors with many possibilities.

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Grimme full-liner for the cultivation of potatoes, (sugar-)beets and various vegetables. Due to adaptations, various machines can also be used for the cultivation or processing of flower bulbs.

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Lemken has an extensive range of machines; plow, vorenpackers, power harrows, intensive cultivators, disc harrows, seedbed preparers, (But-)seeders and fertilizer spreaders. The family business already exists 240 years. The MH Lemken plow is specially designed by MH for the flower bulb grower.

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Joskin builds the world's largest program of vehicles for the distribution and transport of agricultural products. Supplemented with machines for pasture maintenance, Dumpers and dump trucks.

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McHale is a leading Irish manufacturer of baler wrapper combinations, square bale wrappers, fixed or variable chamber round balers, disc mowers, rakes and straw blowers.

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Maschio produces more than 25.000 PTO driven machines per year. The range consists of; power harrows (1.5 – 8 m), messfrezen (1,0 – 6,2 m), multi-flail mowers, versnipperaars en armmaaiers.

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The Maschio – Gaspardo group sales under the Gaspardo brand name three point- and pack top seed drills, (high speed) maize sowing machines and machines for mechanical weed control.

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For seedbed preparers, hoeing machines, potato selection trucks and trench presses are the place to be at VSS Agro.

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VSS Amac builds machines for growing onions. Also for parts of your "old’ Amac you can go to MH.

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German reliability is what makes this brand perfect, Dücker flail mowers are indestructible and have a high capacity, long service life and easy operation. An extensive range of arm mowers is also part of the range.

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Hyundai has an extensive range of forklift trucks; electric from 1.300 until 5.000 kg, LPG from 1.500 until 7.000 kg and diesel of 1.500 until 25.000 kg lifting capacity. Also reach trucks, stackers and pallet truck are part of the program.

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Baoli has been making since 2009 part of KION group (Still a Linde) and has an extensive range of diesel- and LPG trucks, electric forklifts, electric pallet trucks and stackers.

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Hyundai has one of the widest ranges of compact machines in the industry, optimal versatility at an attractive price. With the small dimensions, low cost and precise operation, Hyundai mini excavators have fully convinced many users. Perfect for any job where a standard size excavator can't fit.

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Regardless of the sector and make of the machine, it is the combination of quality and service with which Mechanization Haarlemmermeer makes the difference. Our service technicians have all the necessary specialist knowledge in the field of mechanics, hydraulics and PLC control. In this way we guarantee the best after sales service you could wish for. If desired, we bring service to your location with well-equipped service buses.

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