Mechanization Haarlemmermeer B.V.. is a recognized VA inspection company. VA quality mark is the independent quality mark for machine safety.

You may not think about it, it is also mandatory to inspect all your work equipment. This is true for small (electric) hand tool, machines, workshop equipment up to tractors, forklifts, telehandlers and all other machines and equipment used in landscaping, industry, agricultural, infra-, cultural engineering- and / or the internal transport sector.

The Working Conditions Act makes inspection mandatory.
Inspecting work equipment (machines, implements and tools) is mandatory. Since 1998 included the "Work Equipment Directive". These regulations state that preventive inspection guarantees better safety for machines and equipment. As soon as your work equipment has passed a VA inspection, you comply with the law.

Failure to inspect is punishable.
A standard amount of € applies 900,- fine per machine, tool, tool or appliance. Insurance companies can use the lack of an inspection to reject liability. Not inspecting means unnecessary and irresponsible risks for you, your employees and, for example, your fellow road users.

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