Already in the yard but recently put into operation, the new M.H. planting machine. Fa. K.J.E van de Slot en Zonen was able to plant the first meters. With the 1,80 boat that is equipped with a.o.. Multitronic Synchrodrive including control via the Cremer counting unit, touchscreen operation with presettings for various bulb types and length- and width leveling leveling. Furthermore, a row-dependent dosing set for liquid additives, Including barrel cleaner and SKL inspection. A spoon plant belt has been chosen for placing the bulbs in one piece, it is fed by means of a vibrating single belt. A lily dividing roller set has also been purchased. All in all, a super complete planting machine for now and in the future. We thank Dirk-Jan and Chris for the assignment and wish them a lot of planting pleasure!